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April 30, 2015: Successful completion of Phase 1 of a U.S. Marine Corps supported study of the Smart Pushrod designed for improving older engine fuel efficiency.

Oct 31, 2014: Successful completion of an Environmental Protection Agency supported study of the Soot Reducer technology for reducing soot / particulates and hydrocarbon emissions.

Sep 25, 2012: Successful completion of a U.S. Navy supported study of the Smart Lifter designed for improving older engine fuel efficiency.

Aug 1, 2011: EMA teams up with Cyclone Power Technologies and Advent Power Systems in a contract to develop a 10KW compact, clean burning, generator.

Aug 9, 2010: EMA awarded Phase I SBIR for Smart Lifter development that provides switchable valve timing capability to be retrofited into existing military Diesel engines.

Nov 17, 2008: EMA adds real time cylinder pressure based combustion analysis to EMA-ECM for advanced combustion such as PCCI and HCCI. 

Jun 8, 2008:  EMA evaluates unique nano-particle fuel additive for improving fuel economy and emissions.

Nov 12, 2007: EMA develops USB based cylinder pressure combustion analyzer.

Apr 25, 2006: EMA develops electronic poppet valves with infinately variable valve timing.

Nov 21, 2005: EMA assists engine manufacture in development of variable compression ratio for 4 cylinder gasoline engine.

Dec 10, 1991: EMA develops piston ring wear tester and ring wear profile tracer.