EMA works closely with its customers’ development engineers to quickly evaluate automotive powertrain concepts.  Design and build prototype components, validate customer design concepts, provide support for new designs, and optimize existing components.  Whether it be for fuel economy, performance, durability, emissions, or other engine improvement, Electro-Mechanical Associates has a variety of engine research services including the following:

   • Dynamometer based testing (up to 80 H.P.) including 
engines and electric motors for hybrid vehicles

   • Piston and cylinder wear measurement
   • Piston ring assembly friction – in situ
   • Design and construction of specialty instrumentation
   • PCB Design and construction
   • Engineering of control systems

EMA Provides contracted services to major engine companies, top universities, and government agencies throughout the country, and is committed to providing high quality and confidential service.

Mechatronics – Combining mechanical and electronic systems.

CAD/CAM machining to support research programs.

Circuit card design to support research programs and products.