Diesel Ion Amplifier

In-cylinder ion sensing compliments or replaces expensive pressure transducers

Diesel Ignition Ion Amplifier

Compression Ignition Ion Amplifier Research Tool

Description: An engine research tool for optimizing compression ignition combustion including Diesel, HCCI, and PCCI engines is now available. A correlation exists between the start of ion current signal and the crank angle of peak premixed combustion. Based on this correlation, a closed loop engine controller can adjust the fuel injection timing for proper combustion phasing during steady and transient engine conditions.

In-cylinder ion signals indicate combustion activity and help engine developers meet stringent standards in emissions performance and fuel economy. EMA’s ion amplifier system is now available for engine developers to use as a tool for analyzing and optimizing combustion in real time. 

Who will benefit:  Engine researchers and manufacturers looking for a low cost alternatives to cylinder pressure measurement.

Benefits and Features:

•  Allows improved combustion timing control
•  Allows misfire, partial burn, and knock detection
•  2 or 4  ion probe channels depending on the unit purchased
•  Adjustable voltage to ion probe
•  External power supply can be used for alternative probe voltages
•  Voltage to ion probe polarity reversible
•  Frequency response: 20KHz
•  Signals are Isolated from ground

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